Bel-O - Water Truck

Leader in water transportation on the South Shore and Montérégie

Depuis 1989

Over 30 Years of Experience

At Bel-O Transports Inc., we are proud of the expertise and experience in water transportation in Quebec we’ve developed since our inception in 1989.


Many Water Tanks

We guarantee quick delivery that meets your needs. We have at our disposal insulated tanks.



The potable water that we deliver meets the highest standards in place therefore we can certify its quality

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Bel-O - Water Truck

Our history begins in 1989. At that time, the market for the transportation of potable water was still in its infancy. Bottled water was not yet in vogue, and our rivers were less polluted than they are today. The need was already being felt, however, for services supplying quality drinking water.

With the aim of meeting this growing demand, we built up a fleet of tanks meeting the highest governmental standards. Over the years, we have become a major supplier of quality drinking water in Quebec.

Whether it’s for municipalities, bottling companies or pool installers, Bel-O has become synonymous with excellence.