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Pool filling

Pool filling

Pool filling

Our pool and spa filling service is for everybody who wants to use their pool or spa sooner after its installation or cleaning. 

·        Bargain prices

·        We can fill your pool or spa with hot water (90-95°F)

·        Our tankers are dedicated to potable water delivery, thus ensuring a crystal clear water without contaminants

·        We supply 300 feet of hose in order to fill your pool while leaving the tanker in the street

·        We’ve been filling pools for more than 25 years

In Quebec, the summer season is not a long one. This may explain Quebecers’ love for residential pools. Already in May, pool installers are hard at work so that their customers can enjoy their pool as early as possible. And yet, there’s nothing more frustrating for residents than waiting days for their pool to be filled with cold water using their garden hose! Luckily, thanks to Bel-O Transports and our hot water transport service, your pool can be filled the same day it is installed. Chlorinated potable water is first heated between 90° and 95° F, then delivered directly to your home in an insulated tanker for the filling of your pool. Our hot water tankers are available within a 24 hour delay, and we deliver everywhere in Montérégie. Hot water tanker delivery is also the solution if you’re preparing a party and want to be sure that the water will be hot enough for your guests.

We also fill spas with hot water. This service is available throughout the year and is especially appreciated by spa users during the winter months.

Please note that it is also possible to have your surface water well filled with chlorinated cold drinking water.